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looked at grades for finals

got a 97 on chem. actually a 97.14. so happy. i thought i’d fail. the national average is a 50. it’s cumulative. i did so bad first quarter and this quarter was okay but should have been better and i got Bs on all my tests but almost 100 on the final wow

A 94 in bio again i was scared cause my grades kinda slipped here and there because quality of homework and just not wanting to exist oops

i dont know what i got in Soc but i’m scared cause i kinda threw that together last minute same with philosophy uhm oops

chem lab idk i might have got a B and i dont wanna talk about it 

like i got an award just give me an A dammit 

they think therefore you are

i think therefore i am

you think therefore you are

they think therefore you are

they think therefore i am 

bc you die twice

i’m painting my room. are black ceilings weird. 

smoked under a full moon on friday the 13th

apparently a full moon on that date won’t happen for a bunch of years and that matters because who fucking knows

i thought seeing some boys was gonna be awful but it wasnt

basically all my fears i had about being home were mostly proved to be ridiculous 

friendly drunk

some memories of the last weeks of school make me want to vom 

i’m straight

(more of what you missed on glee)

that last post actually came in handy 

I was angsty and i got over it

i’d rather go through life wearing a big shirt not big sweater

before summer started i was afraid i wouldnt have friends when i got home but like i have friends?? i thought i’d be home a lot but like nope wrong i’m actually busy. hot commodity. ha

sober snapchats sushi ice cream

i was very on point with the puns today i must say 

i’m afraid to look at my grades for finals

gay jokes and dick jokes

the only thing gay about this is how much i love dick

and that’s what you missed on glee

fun fact i read a post i made earlier about not coming out to people at school when drunk and just oops it happened oops i regret it hahahahaa old me was right

next step dont drunkenly show people this 


i dont want to be an annoying burden

i prefer slanty house roofs to flat building roofs

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yes hello 911 i’m being forced into adulthood and i don’t like it send help

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i romantically stand outside your window and hold up my iPhone to blast our song. a 30 second ad plays first

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stop white boys 2k14

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